Re: Lead Cross HeroQuest

Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 13:04:48 EEST

Nikk Effingham:

<< I don't think you have to murder your own Healers at all, but it needs to
be a Healer who ressurected someone. I am not sure if Deezola gets
Ressurection or not, while she has a Healing persona, I doubt she would
qualify as a "healer" per se in terms of the HeroQuest. >>

      Deezola certainly has some decent healing magic, but in HW she also has
offensive magics that a damn sight nastier than 'Sleep', so I'd have to agree
that she wouldn't qualify as a 'healer' for Lead Cross purposes. I'd suspect
she doesn't have resurrection powers either, although I have no hard evidence
for that. Teelo Norri is rather more of a healer, but I doubt she'd be able
to resurrect anyone (I get the impression her followers' magics are a bit
naff, rather like Voria's) so she doesn't count either IMO. The point is, I
think, that you slaughter somebody that your native culture would consider a
healer, which makes evil foreigners a dubious targect.
     As you suggested though, Erissa would probably do fine. Or perhaps
Deezola or Teelo Norri would be OK, but would make the quest a little more
difficult than if you use the Officially Approved Chalana Arroy types.

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