Sh*t and Glorantha.............

From: Dom Twist (
Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 12:15:47 EEST

Chris Ward
>I think the role of shit in Praxian culture has been under explored to
date. Think about it, the herd beast shit is formed through a union of the
direct gifts of the earth [grass etc] and the daughters of eiritha [the
herd beasts], surely it is the object of some reverence. [And remember
disease in Glorantha is not spread like RW disease].

Whereas I'm not about to have my Praxian ladies running around smearing
themselves in bison dung..........

As the only avaliable fuel and fertilizer the 'by products' of the the heard
beasts of Prax WOULD be of incredible importance.
It's gets pretty damn cold out there at night, Mongolian nomads used dried
dung to heat their yurts and I'm sure Praxian Nomads will do likewise. One
of the side effects of losing out in a turf dispute is losing your fuel
reserves....the fresh product not burning that well.
The yurt being pretty damn efficent you dont need that much, but raw meat
probably gets pretty old after a while, even for Storm Bull types. Smoking
food is probably pretty efective as well. Doesnt some forms of dried meat
need both sun and smoke treating? As a Vegatarian myself I would nae know!



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