Re: glowline failure

Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 15:22:20 EEST

Peter Metcalfe:
 And does the Glowline fail anywhere else except in Tarsh? According
 to the Genertela Book, no. >>

Just because the only reference to Glowline failure is in the Tarsh Regional
activity table does not really mean it doesn't happen elsewhere. We do not,
for example, have an Oraya regional activity table. The original source for
this event is, I believe, the DP random event which states, quoting in full:

" One of the temples of the Reaching Moon that connects with the Temple in
Dragon Pass fails. The glowline will not exist for the remainder of the game

The regional activity tables are there, I believe, to give ideas and a
general feel to what goes on. They are not the only things that ever happen
in a region.

Keith N


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