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Chris Bell:

>> >Cults of Prax also mentions that the the Pol Joni gave proper sacrifice
>> >at the Paps, and were accepted by the Prax Gods as the 'bastard' tribe
>> >of Prax.

Me>> Perhaps you better furnish precise references for these statements.

>I believe the reference is mentioned in CoP (very very old reference), in
>the section that mentions Prax history, or Big Rubble.

There is nothing about the history of the Pol Joni in Cults of
Prax. What history there is, is given in KoS, Pavis and River
of Cradles.

>I could well be
>wrong, but I was under the impression that the Pol Joni were *grudgingly*
>tolerated, and that the native Praxians would kick them out if they could,

*snort*. The Praxians tried to do that when Derik Pol Joni entered
(1420) and again in 1489. Both times they were defeated.

>but that they somewhow *proved* (ie - Heroquested) that their animals
>and tribe were part of the covenant.

Not true according to anything published.

>I specifically remember reference being made to the spirits of Prax
>being overcome by "Orlanth, and his God-Children from Dragon Pass."

And by this the Pol Joni made themselves acceptable to the

>"Cattle Bastard" is a term I remember reading in CoP,

It is not in Cults of Prax. It is mentioned in Pavis: Threshold
to Adventure.

>a reference to the
>fact that even though the Pol Joni may have observed the forms of
>worship and may be marginally accepted in Prax,

        "The Pol Joni (horse-riding Orlanthi-worshipping tribes
        similar to the Tarshite Grazelanders and Pent nomads)
        might more logically be included [among the Ten Independants],
        save that Prax nomads hate and despise the Pol Joni and
        regard the horse nomads as alien interlopers".
                                River of Cradles p21

>So, I imagine
>that the Pol Joni are subject to much raiding for slaves, although no
>red-blooded traditional Praxian would eat *beef*.

Why not? Cattle is fine for eating - they don't like horseflesh.

>This brings up an interesting point. The Pure Horse People (presumed
>by me to be invaders/immigrants from Pent) ruled Prax for about 100
>years, yes?

They were in the plains from 620 until 1250. They didn't rule the
plains at any one point although they forced many clans onto the

>In fact, I'm under the suspicion that the Pol Joni did exactly
>what Pentan invaders before them did...Heroquest their way into the
>Covenant, allowing them and their mounts and herds to survive on the

The Pure Horse tribe only did this by turning some of their horses
into Zebras. The Pol Joni do not ride such beasts.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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