Re: flat horizons

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sun 15 Aug 1999 - 00:28:05 EEST

Ian Gorlick notes:
> I know that the flat planet theory is official, but I have never liked it.


> Some people may like this, I don't. So my Glorantha does have a horizon. I'm
> not sure yet if it is caused by curving light or a curved surface, I think
> this is a major debate among Gloranthan geographers.

This in fact _is_ a pretty good summary of the Official position. Greg
has said he likes the Bendy Light Theory (Dammit Jim, he's a mythographer,
not a physicist!), but I don't think it's ever been ordained to be
Objectively True, so the more culturally-determined rationales of the
horizon (or of why people don't _care_ or think about why there's a
horizon) the better...



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