Ye Booke of Tentacles, Volume 3!

From: Fabian Kuechler (
Date: Sun 15 Aug 1999 - 21:38:24 EEST

Dear Authors and Artists,

with your help and skills we would like to fill another volume of Ybot -
Ybot 3. We are looking for articles, myths, stories, art, scenarios,
notes, transcripts etc. for Glorantha, Hero Wars, RuneQuest, Call of
Cthulhu, Elric!, Hawkmoon, Pendragon and Nephilim.

We do not have any specific guidelines or topic per issuse, we just want
your stuff en gross. There is no limitation in space per author so just
send your stuff in.

Deadline will be the 1. March 2000 (1.3.2000). This is because we would
like to assign artists to special articles/scenarios this time, improve
our layout and editorial work.

All files should be send in an email as plain text or as word
attachment. Artwork should be send versa email or pc-readable disc/zip.


Fabian Kuechler
- --
Fabian Kuechler


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