new Cradle Scenario and a cult write-up

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Mon 16 Aug 1999 - 07:37:44 EEST

Hello ian/arkat from work again

The excellent new Pavis/Rubble contains of course the epic Cradle

Have you ever wondered what happened before the Cradle reached the
plains of Prax as it sailed all the way from the Boathouse Ruins?

What if naughty Mostali tried to stop and plunder it?

New Scenario: The Cradle Prequel
(also includes some additional Broo fun bits for the main scenario)

The Pavis/Rubble book also has a neat Black Fang cult write-up, but its
quite short. I was so interested in it that I wrote a long-form
version, although i also made it a bit smaller after calculating the
number of assassinations likely to occur with 300 active assassins
scooting around!

And if anyone else wants a copy of the Chalana Arroy Ressurection
HeroQuest drop me a mail at

any constructive feedback on all this stuff appreciated



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