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Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 01:18:30 EEST

Philip Grawe:

<< I'm confused. I always thought you couldn't know both Sorcery and Spirit
 Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic (I'm sure it says so somewhere in the RQ3

     AFAIK, you cannot become a shaman or adept sorceror if you're an
initiate, and you can't use sorcery if you're a shaman (not that there'd be
much point; spirit magic reduces your free INT just like sorcery does) but
there's nothing in principle to stop an initiate learning sorcery so long as
he stops short of adept status. The cult writeup of Chalana Arroy in River of
Cradles makes it clear that they can use sorcery as well as spirit and divine
magic if they really want although I dare say this would be regarded as
distinctly odd in Heortling society, even assuming you could find a sorceror
to teach you.
      Nor can I find any reference in the lastest draft of HW which says you
*can't* use sorcery alongside divine or spirit magic, merely that most
cultures don't let you.

<< I'd though that they were just, well, incompatible, but while browsing
various web pages (Sandy Petersen's Sorcery Rules among other things), I
found references to being able to cast both - specifically Lunar Magicians
being able to do both.>>

     I think its more that most cults and societies frown upon combining the
two rather than it actually being impossible. The Lunars don't have this
restriction, although in practice I imagine most use one or the other. At
least some henotheists are also likely to see no problem in combining sorcery
and divine magic. Note that, in GoG, worshippers of the Red Goddess have
access to a type of magic which combines elements of both sorcery and divine

<< under what circumstances can ordinary PCs know Sorcery and Spirit Magic or
Sorcery and Rune Magic or all three ? >>

     Firstly, they have to be a member of a culture and cult that sees this
as OK, of which there aren't very many. Secondly, they can only be a shaman,
a priest or an adept sorceror, never more than one of those options. It
probably helps a lot if you're illuminated, which, of course, many of the
high-up Lunars are.

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