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Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 06:02:50 EEST

> From: "Philipp Grawe" <>
> Subject: Lunar Magic
> I'm confused. I always thought you couldn't know both Sorcery and Spirit
> Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic (I'm sure it says so somewhere in the RQ3
> box). I'd though that they were just, well, incompatible, but while
> browsing various web pages (Sandy Petersen's Sorcery Rules among other
> things), I found references to being able to cast both - specifically

> Magicians being able to do both. Someone else did a write-up of the Red
> Emperor (sorry, I don't know your name off the top of my head - it's in my
> bookmarks at work) where he knows all three. I mean, that's fair enough,
> he's a demi god, illuminated, son of the Red Goddess, etc. etc. but under
> what circumstances can ordinary PCs know Sorcery and Spirit Magic or
> and Rune Magic or all three ?

The edges of the traditonal magics are fuzzy, and the change from
worshipping a saint to worshipping a god is pretty easy to make (just like
the difference between worshipping a Really Big Spirit and a God). So there
are traditions which combine pieces of two "pure" traditions, even though
the practitioners might not see it that way.

There are also things that *look* like another tradition, but in reality is
just a similar principle (which, if I remember, correctly, Lunar Magic falls

Ordinary PCs can know Sorcery+Deism in certain parts of the West (the
Stygian Church is a good place to look), and Carmania. Most Sorcery-using
cultures consider it to be blasphemous...

Of course, when hero Wars comes out, we won't have these nice game-mechanic



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