Thankyou, Templars and Snow Trolls

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Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 15:23:16 EEST

A big thankyou to all who answered my query on Storm Bullies and how they
live, also for carrying it onto Humakti, one of my favourite topics of
ambiguity. I hope Hero Wars never puts down rules/definitions in black and
white about Humakti :-). But seriously, everybody has their own image and
that's one of the best things about Glorantha, it's pretty much created in
everybodys own image, your not constrained by one person telling you how it
should be and even if they do you can always ignore them!

Anyway, a few more questions, I'm just about to re-start my Sun County
campaign, players are all raging right wing, uptight, sexually repressed
Yelmalions, with even a Dara Happan pompous Yelm Worshipper, who is hated
by most of the other Yelmalions, including most of the party.
Now, they've nearly ended up as Templars, now I see the Templars as a
proffesional, full time standing force for the Yelmalion Temple, sections
hired out as mercenaries to others when not required. Completely subbed by
the Temple.

Do people agree or disagree, do people see them as more of a Greek style
Citizen Hoplites, ie good part timers.
MOB, what are your ideas?

Finally, had a few ideas for a scenario on the edges of Valinds Wastes. Do
Snow Trolls worship Gorrakiki and have a close association with Insects as
other Trolls do? If so, which Insects, or do they use other creatures or
are the conditions to nasty to support them?

All Hail The Black Moon

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