Tarsh during the Hero Wars

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 15:18:58 EEST

David Weihe:

>If Argrath was invading Tarsh for the Fazzurites, as opposed to because
>their invitation was a convenient excuse, he would have restored Tarsh
>to them at the conclusion.

The Fazzurites never controlled Tarsh at any stage. Secondly
merely appealing for help from an outside king does not mean
that you want him to help you to the throne. You could invite
him to occupy the throne and have him rely upon you to run
the country for him. The Glorious Revolution springs to mind
as does the invitation of the Baron's renunciation of their
oath to King John and their subsequent invitation of Prince
Louis of France to become King of England.

I think the Fazzurites invited Argrath to be their King because
none of them had the necessary descent to become King of Tarsh
(neither did Argrath but they would not know this).

>PM: When Argrath hears about the Rebellion, he starts wishing for
>PM: Mularik's death which would be perfectly in keeping with them
>PM: being Fazzurites who Argrath fought for.

>Argrath starts wishing for Mularik's death after Iron Eye stops paying
>tribute to Argrath, because it becomes clear that Iron Eye is trying to
>set himself up as an independent Western king, rather than as under-King
>to Argrath, as had been promised and expected.

At no time has Ironeye stopped paying tribute to Argrath. If he had,
Argrath would have stomped him for rebellion.

>If he was the Fazzurite pawn that Peter seems to be calling him,

Can I put words into your mouth now? He was a friend of the
Fazzurites, not a pawn.

>he would have wished for Iron Eye's death right after he had to give
>him Tarsh, assuming he would even have given it to him in the first

Read the circumstances. Mularik has reminded Argrath of his
oath at a "great feast" in which he is being lionized. Argrath
is outwitted and has to give Mularik half of his kingdom (he
didn't ask for Tarsh and would have been equally happy, one
supposes, with Sartar) or else he would look like a King who
breaks his word and his authority would suffer.

>> So why does Argrath want Mularik dead after he crushes the Fazzurites?

>Because at this point Iron Eye stops behaving as under-King and effectively
>declares his independence, stopping Argrath's tax collectors, then
>charging Argrath a toll to enter what Argrath clearly expected were his
>own lands.

Mularik was collecting the toll in the summer and Argrath did nothing.
It was only when the Fazzurites were crushed in the winter that he
breaks and does a Henry-II act viz-a-viz Thomas Beckett (but the
huscarls who hear it are dead-thick and so he has to repeat the act
at Goldedge).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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