Sorcery and Other Magic

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Date: Tue 17 Aug 1999 - 15:20:47 EEST

Philipp Grawe:

>I'm confused. I always thought you couldn't know both Sorcery and
>Spirit Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic (I'm sure it says so somewhere
>in the RQ3 box).

The official RQ3 roolz simply were:

1) A Priest cannot be a Sorcerer (presumably beyond the Student
Level as Monster Colloseum had an Earth Priestess casting sorcery
spells) or a Shaman.

2) A Sorcerer must cast all his divine magic before he can be
apprenticed (which pretty much uses them all up). But it
doesn't prohibit him from joining a cult _after_ he is

Numerous other loopholes exist and I shan't bother pointing
them out save that there is nothing to prevent a sorcerer
from using spirit magic (thereby allowing many beginning
sorcerers to extend their life expectancy by learning disrupt
and protection 6), nor anything prohibiting a shaman from
learning sorcery. Very few people have tried to abuse this
last loophole because it's far too gratituous for their tastes
and most would feel a lot happier if they could beat up little
old ladies instead.

Gods of Glorantha stated that Shaman-Priests existed (for Aldrya,
Daka Fal, Kyger Litor, Flamal, Hykim, Malia, Pamalt, Thed and Waha)
and also that Healers of Chalana Arroy and Etyries Priests could
become Sorcerers. There was also the Acolytes but they muddy
up the waters quite badly.

Healers are in fact initiates who could become so this prohibition
really was against the type of sorcery spells they could learn to
circumvent their cult vows.

Etyries priests are Lunars but it is a puzzle why the Seven Mothers
cult did not also give them the same freedoms. There also was the
example of Godunya which taught quasi-sorcery as divine intervention
and the hint that Stygian Cults of Ralios allowed people to worship
ordinary cults and practice sorcery.

The cult of Arkat the Troll (first published in Troll Gods although
it was no big surprise then) stated that Uz could learn sorcery
through the Cult of Arkat. So one could become a sorcerer-shaman-
priest of Kyger Litor. What about other cults? Nothing official.

All this is only roughly true now. The Uz are now considered, I
think, to be primarily shamans so they have only shaman-sorcerers
at worst.

>I'd though that they were just, well, incompatible, but while
>browsing various web pages (Sandy Petersen's Sorcery Rules among
>other things), I found references to being able to cast both -
>specifically Lunar Magicians being able to do both.

Sandy actually believes that if you learn one magic, your ability
to comprehend other magics declines. There are Sorcerers in the
Lunar Empire and some of them do study the Lunar Way (the Minderkind
Sages of Riverjoin is the only one I can recall at the moment) but
they don't use Divine Magics to do so.

>but under what circumstances can ordinary PCs know Sorcery and Spirit
>Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic or all three ?

Ordinary PC's can't do all three. Extraordinary PC's can.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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