Uzhim and Bugs...

From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 01:58:53 EEST

Steve Royle:

> Finally, had a few ideas for a scenario on the edges of
> Valinds Wastes. Do Snow Trolls worship Gorrakiki and have
> a close association with Insects as other Trolls do? If so,
> which Insects, or do they use other creatures or are the
> conditions to nasty to support them?

IM(entirely speculative)O the Snow Trolls are even more shamanistic than
normal Uz. Since they are mostly loners, or at most small family groups,
they would be unable to support any sort of real Deist shrines... So though
you may find that a particular Uzhim has a special relationship with "the
great mosquito", or another with "bluecrack iceberg" and such, they would
tend to be utterly confused at the idea of group worship of some abstract
"god - spirit" (like gorakiki). I just can't see their lifestyle supporting
Deist worship. Even Kyger Litor worship is likely to be handled indirectly,
by simply worshipping Mom.

My personal model for Ice Troll behavior is Polar Bears (big, furry,
antisocial, arch-predators). Adults will really only ever interact to mate,
and then the female raises her "cubs" alone. An Ice troll will worship
whatever spirits and or creatures s/he has met that impress them (obviously,
mom fits this bill ;-) but organized worship and "priests" and such is clean

I would posit that uzhim split the world of living (and spiritual) things
into two basic categories, "food" and "threat". Food is anything that can
be killed without signnificant risk of injury, and threat is everything
else. Thus a snow troll will never mate with or worship something that they
percieve to be signifigantly weaker than themselves, 'cause that's food --
however, they might attempt to avoid a threat by offering it worship (or
sex, if it is an appropriatly gendered uzhim).

If you wish a Mega-powerfull Ice-Troll Shaman with thousands and thousands
of swarming insect familiars, then I could easily see that. Or even a snow
troll allied with some sort of huge furry beetle. But these will almost
always be one-off arrangements between that troll and some local spirit(s),
as opposed to actual "cults"

heh heh, I didn't really mean to write a book here...
hopefully i'm not completely off the deep end with these theories.



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