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G'day all,

Stephen Royle:

>Nnow I see the Templars as a
>proffesional, full time standing force for the Yelmalion Temple, sections
>hired out as mercenaries to others when not required. Completely subbed by
>the Temple.
>Do people agree or disagree, do people see them as more of a Greek style
>Citizen Hoplites, ie good part timers.

>MOB, what are your ideas?

The Sun Dome Templars are a professional, full-time force. They are
augmented and supported at need by the People's Militia, part-time soldiers
who serve on a rotational basis as part of their obligations to the
Yelmalio cult. Such a system works in Sun County because the society is
rigidly heirarchical, centrally organised and socially cohesive. In many
ways, the Sun Dome way of life is more like that of Sparta than Athens.

The Templars are organised into "Squares" of 64 men. Colin Phillips and I
have written up a description of the First Square, the premier soldiers of
Sun County that are known as The Golden Guard. It will probably appear in
some future publication (maybe the Booke of Tentacles III?). The XIIIth
Square, comprising losers, misfits, left-handers and other men whose geases
make them unfit for the line of battle were featured in Tentacles II. They
are known as "The Men with the Golden Gun" and operate the giant
spear-thrower at Harpoon.

Hope this helps!


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