Re: Snow Trolls

Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 14:26:26 EEST

Steve Royle:

<< Do Snow Trolls worship Gorrakiki and have a close association with Insects
 other Trolls do? If so, which Insects, or do they use other creatures or are
the conditions to nasty to support them? >>

       The Book of Uz from Trollpak states that the primary deities for the
Snow Trolls, besides KL, are Himile and Zong. Still, they do worship some
other deities too (notably Xiola Umbar) and Gorakiki could be among them. The
problem, I suppose, is that there isn't much for giant insects to eat up on
the glacier, so while the trolls there are still nominally associated with
them they may not often see any. In troll society, Gorakiki-worshippers
primarily function as herdsmen, a role lacking among the primitive Snow
Trolls because of the harsh conditions.
       The occaisional exception probably exists, especially if it makes the
game more fun, but on the whole I'd suggest its a minor aspect of their

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