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From: Tadaaki Kakegawa (
Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 15:01:42 EEST

 I would like to introduce some web sites which has cool arts of
 Glorantha. These are Japanese sites, but there would be no problem to
 see them (so I guess).

 Bird Rider of Rinliddi, and trolls (some of which you can see in
 Drastic : Darkness) and ducks! by Makoto Hokura
(You must see Gwarrath Billsharp and Quarill Stab-low!)

 Priest of the Black Sun
 Human Hunting of Trolls
 Yara Aranis the Horse-eater
 Hon-Eel the Artress

 Inora the Winter Goddess

 Utumi's Warehouse
 Image arts of Wintertop mountain by Utumi
 Image art of River of Cradle
 Image art of Upland Marsh
 Arts of heroes of Glorantha, and more by Hiroki
 Harrek the Berserk
 Gunda the Guilty
 Beat-Pot Aelwrin
 Jar-Eel the Razoress

 Hope you will enjoy them.

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Tadaaki Kakegawa AKA MALION
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