Magic Paths Mix

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Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 01:04:08 EEST

Philipp Grawe

> I'm confused. I always thought you couldn't know both Sorcery and
> Spirit Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic (I'm sure it says so
> somewhere in the RQ3 box).

Yeah. And in Gods of Glorantha we learn about Stygians worshipping pagan
gods with the Invisible God, and Easterners using (some sort of) sorcery
with their divine magic.

> under what circumstances can ordinary PCs know Sorcery and
> Spirit Magic or Sorcery and Rune Magic or all three ?

First of all they need a cultural environment which offers all the
systems involved while they get attuned to their magic - usually during
their initiation phase, but maybe later during a conversion.

The character has to be sufficiently rootless or openminded. Arkati and
Lunars qualify for both, often blamed on illumination. Orlanthi willing
to embrace foreign ways (as some of their numbers have done during each
of the bygone ages) and risking outlawry (unless imposed on them anyway)
might. Wolf Pirates might, since all kinds of magicians are available to

It has often been stated that hybrid magic is necessarily weaker than
the pure form of the magic. That's sort of true - for instance the
Grazers (prior to the FHQ) or Char-un have better horse magic than most
Pentans. This doesn't make them more successful, though - the Lunar
combination of all the incompatible ways of Peloria makes them vastly
successful, and the Arkati were overcome when the Jrusteli had not only
mastered their ways of combining cross-cultural myths magics but
exceeded the Arkati exploits.

Ruleswise, the character who follows more than one way has to invest
valuable training time and booty on the different approaches, while the
specialist advances in his own branch more quickly. It does take
considerable effort to convince a shaman to teach you. It takes a lot
more effort if you insist on maintaining your sorcerous/theist ways.

Same for the other traditions. You need to find a priest willing to
tolerate a sorcerer's or shaman's pupil while still allowing the
character to worship in his congregation, and you need the sorcerer or
shaman willing to instruct the temple kid. See the practical problem?

There are places where some of these requirements may be present - the
Lunar Empire, multi-cultural places like Nochet or Refuge, bi-cultural
places like the many Stygian regions, or e.g. the Pol Joni who combine
Orlanthi and Praxian (i.e. more shamanic) magics.


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