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Chris Bell:

>"These cattle people offered proper sacrifice to the
>deities of the Paps and steadily forced their way into
>Prax history as the "illegitimate" tribe of Prax."
>(ROC, Page 14)

Actually found in the original Pavis boxed set and unchanged
since then. But the final word belongs to KoS:

        "They called themselves the Poljoni, but the Praxians
        called them the "bastard tribe" and the illegal tribe
        because they were not pure, or worshippers of the Prax
        and Paps deities".

Although it later says that some Pol Joni went to the Paps to
worship, this is not proof of the Pol Joni as a whole being
worshippers of Prax and Paps deities, let alone the specific
worship of Waha. The Lunars, Pavis and the Pure Horse Tribe
also worship there but nobody describes them as being Praxians!

>(1) Offering proper sacrifice at the Paps implies knowledge of the
>Waha religion and worship in the Waha manner.

I believe I've already quoted Drastic: Prax which contradicts
this. The Pol Joni as a whole do not respect the sanctity of
the Paps nor do any worship Waha. This was apparently based
on the unpublished Prax Pak as the credits for the entire article

>this implies to me that the Pol Joni must have amongst them
>those who can worship and lead rites in the manner of standard
>Praxian religion...Waha Khans and Priestesses of Eiritha.

Even if some Pol Joni worshipped at the Paps, this only proves
that they worshipped Eiritha. Why would they need to worship
Waha? I don't see Bituarian Varosh, a Goldentongue Priest,
flaunting his nomadic tattoos to be allowed into the sacred
mysteries of Eiritha.

>has no mythology tying her to the plains...in order to support any
>herds on the plains, it seems to me that one needs to play by the
>rules of Prax (the survival covenant), or not at all.

The Survival Covenant confers upon the beasts, among other things,
the ability to survive on Chaparral. The Pol Joni live in the Good
Place and the Better Place which are not Chaparral and are places
which ordinary cattle can be grazed. Thus they have no need for
the Survival Covenant and it is quite clear that they do not adhere
to it.

>(2)While the Better Place may be able to support cattle in perhaps the
>traditional Sartar way, places like No Man's March seem to me to be at
>best typical chapparal.

Look at the Cults of Prax Map at:

and you can see that it's not. About two-thirds of it has the same
vegetation as the Good Place and the River of Cradles.

>The approaches to the storm hills would no doubt
>be traversed by the Pol Joni for religious reasons,

What religious reasons? The founder of the Pol Joni was born
in the Dundealos Tribe of Sartar and he entered Prax with his
new people there, founding Barbarian Town.

>and they'd stick near Moonbroth since it's a major settlement.

Moonbroth is however a Lunar Fort and Tales #15 (Holiday: Prax)
says that the Lunars kicked out the Pol Joni from the oasis ever
since the Battle of Moonbroth.

>Otherwise, it seems that they Pol
>Joni don't get quite the pick of grazing as the other Prax tribes do,

Occupying prime choices of Praxian real estate called the Good
Place and the Better Place doesn't count?

>And in order to survive on the plains, IMO Waha worship would be fairly
>mandatory, although no doubt in a manner that's quite the bit different
>from traditional Prax worship.

Not so. The Pavis Survivors do not worship Waha, but their Zebras
can survive on the Chaparral and they pay some respect to the Paps.
So why should the Pol Joni worship Waha?

>BTW, did the Pol Joni ride against the Lunars at Moonbroth? I assume
>they did...

Suprisingly they are not listed in Borderlands as having done so.
The Bison and Impala gathered Rhinos, the Pavis Survivors, the

Agimori, the Newtlings, the Basmoli Beserkers, the Bolo Lizard
people, a few Oakfed Shamans and even some Broos. Despite all
this preparation, nobody noticed the Pol Joni.

I'm not suprised about their no-show as circa 1607:

        "The Pol Joni, unsupported by Sartar help, were mauled
        in a battle against combined Praxian forces. This
        alliance caused the Lunars to suspect that the demigod,
        Waha, was likely to return again in person soon."
                                KoS p144

So the Pol Joni are still very weak in 1610 and have a major
grudge against the Praxians over the thumping they took less
than three years before. Wonder what the Pol Joni did to
earn such treatment, if the Praxians didn't already hate them
so much?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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