Mani's Fort

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Date: Fri 20 Aug 1999 - 10:32:27 EEST

Ian Thomson:

>Please can you tell me what official information on Mani is available, and
>where to find it.

        The followers of Mani Tor were well-known for a long
        time. They centred upon Mani's Hill, where their
        fort stood. Mani of the Many Lives was their leader,
        who irregularly reincarnated into the clan every two
        or three generations. He uses strange powers to
        protect his people, who are very loyal to him and his
                        P&BR p59

        Mani's Fort

        Mani is an ancient hero of Mani's clan which rules this
        fort; he is periodically reborn among them. His reign
        is always heroic and much benefits his people. They
        revere him and his customs above all else, for Mani has
        preserved them through all times. The residents number
        about 300, and are ruled by Pallinu Vibi, high priest
        of Mani. The structures here are type A. The residents
        live by herding, hunting and farming.
                        P&BR p183

- --Peter Metcalfe

>From: (Mark Crowne)

>Can anyone point me towards "What my father told
>me"-type character backgrounds for:

>Sartarite Humaktki
>Sartarite Lhankor Mhy
>Sable Tribe Storm Bull
>Sable Tribe Erithra

>Either online or printed references would be ok.
>Please reply by private email and I will post a
>synopsis to the Digest.


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