Good News For Virile Stormbulls

From: Nick Hollingsworth (
Date: Fri 20 Aug 1999 - 15:56:59 EEST

As a personification of the male head of the herd surely storm
bull must represent the fertility of the herd to some extent,
even though its principally a Uralda/Eritha role. After all it takes
two to tango! But I don't recall having seen such an aspect
described. But surely storm bull plays some essential role in the
guaranteed fertility of the herds - and thus storm bull priests
in the fertility rituals.

If most of the Eritha Priestesses of the tribes are married to the
Wahas (Kahns or otherwise), then the necessity of an annual
fertility ritual involving the Priestesses, some smelly Stormbull
Priests and a large amount of sympathetic magical ritual must cause
rather a lot of friction in the relationship!

Good news for the Stormbulls though, since for most of them the
chance of getting laid the rest of the year is pretty slim.


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