Re: Insecrs/Valinds Wastes/Trolls

Date: Fri 20 Aug 1999 - 18:04:39 EEST

I agree with Trotsky when he says:
 << that there isn't much for giant insects to eat up on
 the glacier, so while the trolls there are still nominally associated with
 them they may not often see any. In troll society, Gorakiki-worshippers
 primarily function as herdsmen, a role lacking among the primitive Snow
 Trolls because of the harsh conditions.
        The occaisional exception probably exists, especially if it makes the
 game more fun, but on the whole I'd suggest its a minor aspect of their

The original post was (I think) about a scenario at the edge of Valind's
Waste so not actually on a glacier. I imagine Pent/Eol/ and other edge of
glacier places have a highly seasonal insect population that swarm out for a
couple of weeks, mate, lay eggs, then die. I find it hard to imagine Giant
Insects doing this, but some fearsome (but tiny) bloodsucking gnats would be
perfectly OK. Certainly shaman style worship of such a swarm could be
possible, but not a 'regular' relgion; more like a seasonal event . I seem to
remember seeing a wildlife documentary featuring reindeer that were all
standing on a patch of snow to avoid pesky biting insects. A troll/pesky
insect alliance would be mutually beneficial (except for the reindeer).

Keith N


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