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From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 20 Aug 1999 - 18:49:36 EEST

Simon Bray needs

> to know if their is still a
> searchable Digest Archive on line anywhere, since Loren's disappeared. If not
> then does someone have the following piece in their own archives?

My site isn't the Digest Archives, but it can be searched. Searching
it for "searchable archives" gives one hit,
<>. From here, you
can find the link to <>.

Nick Hollingsworth wrote

> As a personification of the male head of the herd surely storm
> bull must represent the fertility of the herd to some extent,
> even though its principally a Uralda/Eritha role. After all it takes
> two to tango! But I don't recall having seen such an aspect
> described. But surely storm bull plays some essential role in the
> guaranteed fertility of the herds - and thus storm bull priests
> in the fertility rituals.

As I recall, precisely such an incident is described in Greg's novel.

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