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Ian asks
<< also does anyone have their own ideas about Mani's Fort and/or clan?
 Who do they worship?

Martin Crim suggested in the Seven Masks of Pavis in Codex 1 that some people
believe that Potonis, the City Magician is somehow linked with Mani. Here are
a few versions that I have come up with:

Mani, the reincarnating clan hero is in fact Potonis , the City Magician of
Old Pavis (from the 9th Century). Therefore he is skilled in unusual Dragon
Magics, and was in same Draconic Thinking classes as Delecti. His 'clan' were
originally his household, servants and family who have remained loyal to
their main source of protection.

Mani, the reincarnating clan hero, was Potonis's apprentice and either killed
him to a)gain some magical treasure
b)usurp his position
c)release his True Love.
and was cursed by the Magicaian to keep reincarnating until ....something is
achieved that breaks the curse.

Mani was some other ancient Pavisite who gained unusual magic from somewhere.

The Twin HIlls were once known as Magician's Hill and they were. originally,
not split in two. That occured during one of the invasions (probably) when
something crushed/collapsed the hill to destroy/bury the powerfrul cradle
artefact which was a focus for Pavic defence magics.

The City Magician was in charge of city finances as well as magical defences
(he built the socery towers) and cradle treasures and the Mani clan perhaps
have access to secret stores of old Pavic coins, ancient documents and deeds
worth fortunes, not to mention Cradle Treasures.

Modern day Mani clan people are therefore conservative Squarebeards and
oilheads but with a direct link to draconic thinking and some secret that
they do not wish to share. I think they are dominated by hte personality of
Mani; withouthim the clan would not exist. I think they worsjhip Mani as an
ancestor, but that they do not woership any other ancestors, only him. I
suspect they have unusual magics; either ancient draconic sorcery form the
imperial age, or mastery of some peculiar Cradle Treasure. I would think
they could be initiates of Pavis, with perhaps several unusual tithing
obligations and/or exemptions.

Keith N


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