Pol Joni

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Sat 21 Aug 1999 - 13:18:47 EEST

Nick Hollingsworth:

>Possibly [the Pol Joni] have
>successfully identified Uralda with Eritha and merged
>the goddesses to the extent that their priestesses can
>perform the rites of both well enough for the herds
>to prosper on the edges of Prax.

IMO the only way they can do that is to crossbred some of their
beasts with Praxian beasts. That's what the Pure Horse Tribe
did when they entered Prax - breeding their horses with native
zebras. But I'm not aware of any ordinary cattle or related

species on the plains for the Pol Joni to use in this manner.

Me>> Moreover Drastic: Prax states that the Pol Joni do not
>> respect the sanctity of the Paps.

>Perhaps they simply violate normal praxian cultural taboos
>about the Paps despite trying their best, rather than raiding
>the place or otherwise abusing it.

I dislike "We'll not bad, just misunderstood" solutions as I
view them as wimpish cop-outs.

>Who is the Orlanthi horse god?

I imagine the Pol Joni worship their founder in this capacity.

>Do most of the Pol Joni ride horses, or are there a lot of
>followers on foot or in wagons?

Wagons require wood which there is damned little of in Prax.

>I just remembered.. all my speculation can be swept away
>in a moment by someone checking the cult breakdown table in
>the back of Cults Of Prax, or did that not list the Pol Joni?

It's does but I wouldn't bother with it as it gives far too
much prominence to the Lightbringers and foreign gods. For
example, Orlanthi is more popular than Waha among the Impala
and even Yelmalio has the same amount of popularity!

There's an improved version in Drastic: Prax but I have some
problems with it. IMO all Praxians are initiated into Waha/
Eiritha while some may develop a more personal relationship with
a chosen Nomad God later on, such as Storm Bull etc. The
Pol Joni are initiated into Orlanth/Uralda.

>Do the Pol Joni know where to find the Hidden Greens?

They don't range that far.

>Don't these fertile lands move around and have to be found magically?

They're not found magically AFAIK.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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