Re: Storm Bull Fertility

Date: Sat 21 Aug 1999 - 15:00:03 EEST

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<< As a personification of the male head of the herd surely storm
 bull must represent the fertility of the herd to some extent,
 even though its principally a Uralda/Eritha role. After all it takes
 two to tango! But I don't recall having seen such an aspect
 described. But surely storm bull plays some essential role in the
 guaranteed fertility of the herds - and thus storm bull priests
 in the fertility rituals. >>

The best reference is the Storm Kahn limit on wives. Wives must be Eiritha
Priestesses, and the Kahn may have many wives (a herd?). However, he may not
have concubines, suggesting that his fertility should not be wasted on just
any female, or on mere enjoyment, but only on prime breeding stock.



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