Re: Cattle Bastards:

Date: Sat 21 Aug 1999 - 15:00:22 EEST

I think it would be better to refer to the seperate tribes/clans of 'Pol
Joni' catle bastards and then have one as relativley pro-Paps, another more
anti Waha?:
the Pol Joni Tribe (3 clans)
the Amber Tribe (2 clans)
the Ansil clan]
the Potor clan

Drastic Prax also states that the Amber, Potor and Ansil do not claim any
relation to the Pol Joni. Despite saying that they do not respect the
sanctity of the Paps, they respect Eirtitha but not Waha the cults table
shows 7% of males as Waha worshippers. I would takes these to be Praxians,
and their descendants, adopted into the tribe. In other cattle bastard tribes
this could perhaps be modified to be Pure Horse Founder, who would surely be
the source of any Horse magic in the tribes, or perhaps other spirit cults
like Thunder Bird, Lightning Boy, Wild Hunter (especially amongst animal
nomad exiles)

I don't believe that there is a Storm Stallion cult. It doesn't really fit.
Horses are birds after all, creatures of the Sun not the Storm.




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