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Date: Sat 21 Aug 1999 - 21:52:57 EEST

AFAIK, Dara Happan hero Avivath and successors invented specialized
then do Pentan Kargzanti of today use Sunspear? If they do, Why and How?
In Mr. David Dunham's hp,
Pantheon of Yu-kargzant of grazelanders put this spell on their list after
long days of their pure horse line.
Did Sheng Seleris rob Dara Happan of this spell by his atrocious way?
Char un's communication with Lunars?

Summarize timeline of pure horse people(please correct)
1:Henjarl of Dara Happa/attack of dijigelm to Genert Garden
2:Jenalong Dynasty/domain of Lendarsh to Pelanda
3:exile to Pentan waste
4:Schism of Gongarilli(other cattle meat)
5:attack of General Kastok from Dara Happa
6:Arrowsmith Dynasty of Pavis
7:Sheng Seleris
8:Dragonpass Grazelander/Char Un


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