Re: Pol Joni

From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Sun 22 Aug 1999 - 00:54:35 EEST

Peter wrote:
>>Do most of the Pol Joni ride horses, or are there a lot of
>>followers on foot or in wagons?
>Wagons require wood which there is damned little of in Prax.


There also isn't a lot of wood in Mongolia , yet the Mongols traveled in
carts. And while there may be a shortage of wood in Prax, they are
perfectly able to go into the surrounding areas where wood isn't so

rare. It certainly seems to be a long hike from the middle of the Gobi to
the northern forests if a Mongol broke an axel. But they still used them.

I guess it depends on how you want to play the Pol Joni. As Pentan types,
they would want to use carts. The main limitation of carts is that they

are not as fast and as capable of crossing obstacles as a pack animal is,
though a herd is probably just about as limited. But a carts enable you to
carry lots more stuff, including stuff needed for more advanced technology
than stone tools. For example, anvils seem like something that might be
difficult to put on a pack horse.

I'll admit that there is probably more wood in Mongolia than in Prax, and
that the Mongol analog is really the Pentans. But Pol Joni carts are not
totally implausable. The most obvious reason to not have the Pol-Joni
using carts would be that you don't want them to use them. If they use
carts the culture would seem likely to be rather more like the Pentans
than they seem to be now.



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