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Date: Sun 22 Aug 1999 - 13:38:51 EEST

I like most of Nick Hollingsworth's suggestions re: the Pol Joni, and hope
we can hammer out which are True and Beautiful in due course. This kind of
stuff is very useful to a project I'm working on.

>> Nick and > Peter discussed some of these:

>> Possibly [the Pol Joni] have successfully identified Uralda with
>> Eritha and merged the goddesses...

> IMO the only way they can do that is to crossbred some of their
> beasts with Praxian beasts. That's what the Pure Horse Tribe
> did when they entered Prax - breeding their horses with native
> zebras.

No, that's what the ancestors of the Zebra Tribe did to make their mounts
wholly acceptable to the Praxians. There were already lots of horse-riders
in Prax, who didn't crossbreed their mounts and who were driven out at
Alavan Argary. (P&BR p.61 refers to Joraz Kyrem's mercenaries, not to the
Pure Horse People who arrived at Necklace Horse in the 620s).

> Wagons require wood which there is damned little of in Prax.

But the Pol Joni were firm allies of Sartar's Kingdom, which has loads of
wood, wagons, etc. I see a valuable relationship developing here...

>> Don't [the Hidden Greens] move around and have to be found magically?

> They're not found magically AFAIK.

But in all fairness, magic could help you find them. Maybe the Pol Joni do
have some such magic? (I like the idea that they feel a mythic pull towards
the Hidden Greens, as some distant paradise -- the point is that while it'd
be harder for them to get to the right place, it'd be easier for them to
find and benefit from the vanishing oasis).

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