Pol Joni and Moonbroth

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Nick asked a historic trivia question:

>BTW, a historic trivia question: who was the commanding Lunar general at the
>Battle of Moonbroth?

Like Nick, I also can't see any reason why it wasn't Sor-Eel. I like the
way Sor-Eel's falling out with Fazzur resulted him taking the governorship
and Fazzur sent in disgrace back to an ignominious position in Tarsh.
Using devious methods to get rid of his uppity second-in-command might have
been a cunning achievement politically, but of course it proved to be
something of a Phyrric victory for Sor-Eel: back in Tarsh, Fazzur makes a
remarkable rise and uses his new authority to ensure the ambitious Sor-Eel
is instead left to rot as governor of a troublesome, unimportant backwater,
cut out of the main game.

Note it says of the occupation forces in the Pavis "Common Knowledge" Book
that "the original invading army was much larger than the present
remainder... the area has been so peaceful of late that it seems likely
that [some of the remaining] troops will be sent home, if and when the army
command remembers they are here." I don't think this is bureaucratic
incompetance, but rather Fazzur deliberately, officially 'forgetting' his
former commander.

>Maybe the 1607 invasion was all Sor-Eel's idea, after all? Finding out for
>certain who planned that military fiasco could be a fun revenge motive ("My
>daddy was killed in the Dead Place, so that fat-headed fool could become
>Count of Prax...").

I like this a lot: obviously, it was only after Sor-Eel appointed the
brilliant Fazzur as his second that things started to go right! Despite
the victories that followed, jealousy reared its ugly head, and arguments
over how to best administer the new occupied city were the final straw
("Yes, yes, my presumptuous Fazzur, I own you might be a genius on the
battlefield, but do not presume to lecure me on the finer points of civic
administration...") Fazzur gets his marching orders, Sor-Eel get the
governorship and glory he's craved for years. He sees this a stepping
stone for much bigger and brighter things back home. Unfortunately for
him, seven years later, everyone's forgotten Sor-Eel's glorious conquest
and he's still stuck way out in Pavis.

Pol Joni

Someone wrote:
>>>Do most of the Pol Joni ride horses, or are there a lot of
>>>followers on foot or in wagons?

Someone else countered:
>>Wagons require wood which there is damned little of in Prax.

Kevin Rose then said:
>There also isn't a lot of wood in Mongolia , yet the Mongols traveled in
>carts. And while there may be a shortage of wood in Prax, they are
>perfectly able to go into the surrounding areas where wood isn't so

Likewise, the Sun Domers of Prax are said to use pikes, great long wooden
poles up to 3-4 meters long (and their fabled giant spear-thrower at
Harpoon, bolts up to *25 meters* long). These certainly don't come from
the local environment either!

In my recent article 'The Men with the Golden Gun' (available in 'Ye Booke
of Tentacles II'), I suggest that the wood originates from the redwood
forests around Leaping Place Lake at the headwaters of the Zola Fel. It is
a difficult and dangerous journey floating them downstream through the
troll-infested Desolation Hills, Pavis County and the Big Rubble to the
Lands of the Sun, but a necessary one that is undertaken regularly (if
you're looking for something to keep your PCs amused...)



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