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From: Jon Thorvaldson (
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 12:56:28 EEST

Keith N wrote:

>I imagine Pent/Eol/ and other edge of
>glacier places have a highly seasonal insect population that swarm out for a
>couple of weeks, mate, lay eggs, then die.

That's the situation up north in Sweden, at least. Hardly no insects at all
in the winter, oodles of gnats of all kinds (As well as all other kinds of
insects, but those are the nes you tend to notice...) in the summmer.

>I find it hard to imagine Giant
>Insects doing this,

Why not?

>but some fearsome (but tiny) bloodsucking gnats would be
>perfectly OK. Certainly shaman style worship of such a swarm could be
>possible, but not a 'regular' relgion; more like a seasonal event .

I think that such worship is common, both among the Uzhim and the humans,
though not on the glacier proper. On the glacier common insects would have
a hard time surviving, but that doesn't stop there being special kinds,
children of Gorakiki and Himile, perhaps?

>A troll/pesky
>insect alliance would be mutually beneficial (except for the reindeer).

I tell you, if you could worship Gorakiki-gnat in the RW, she would have a
great many worshippers in the north of scandinavia! I would be one...

Jon Thorvaldson

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