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 Summarize timeline of pure horse people(please correct)
 1:Henjarl of Dara Happa/attack of dijigelm to Genert Garden
 2:Jenalong Dynasty/domain of Lendarsh to Pelanda
 3:exile to Pentan waste
 4:Schism of Gongarilli(other cattle meat)
 5:attack of General Kastok from Dara Happa
 6:Arrowsmith Dynasty of Pavis
 7:Sheng Seleris
 8:Dragonpass Grazelander/Char Un

I haven't heard of the Schism of Gongarilli. What is it?

here is a timeline of most events I can find: (Sorry it is so long)

230 Argentium Thri'ile - Horse Nomads forced out of Peloria to Hhar as
Jing. Praxians in Kostaddi.
562 General Kastok plunders Pent.
620 Battle of Necklace Horse, Horse People in Prax
780 Robcradle founded in alliance with Horse People
850 Arrowsmith Dynasty founded
1220 AgartuSay born, Red Goddess born.
1226 Red Goddess drives of invaders at Eleiu Hararn
1228 Battle of Seven Horses - Char Un enslaved by New Moon Queendom
1237 End of Arrowsmith Dynasty.
1250 Battle of Alavan Argay - Horse People eliminated from Prax
        Grazers in Dragon Pass.
        AgartuSay challenges Godunya.
1275 Char Un side with Jannisor to invade Glamour
1278 Char Un recieve Erigia as a land grant
1279 Skyburn
1296 Moonburn
1352 Sheng born. Miracles in Boshan
1355 Sheng proves "that all life is Slavery"
1356 conquers Iron forts
1357 Sheng lives in Iron Forts
1362 Great Horde invades Kralorela. (includes Bison and Sable riders)
1363 Sheng defeated by Godunya
1372 Sheng's commanders plunder Teshnos, Ignorance, Greater Prax.
1375 Yuthuppa sacked by Sheng
1376 Oslir allies with Sheng
1389 Siege of Glamour
1390 Red Emporer dies, Moon dimmed. Dire comet visible day and night.
1397 Yara Aranis discovered
1406 Sheng loses a quarter of his followers
1414 Red Emporer dies again
1442"All Widows After a Week" battle in Kralorela. Sheng victorious.
1443 Kostaddi worships Sheng, Yara Aranis defeated.
1444 Sheng apotheosised
1446 Sheng plunders Jord's Eye
1449 Sheng plunders the Moon
1460 Battle of Kitor - Sheng defeated - star falls.
1462 Glamour and Raibanth liberated by Magnificus
1463 Pentans defeated near Yuthuppa
1465 Battle of Iron Fences - Pentans flee to Pent.
1480 Settlers go to Oraya.
1483 Hon Eel contests with Mother of Horses to wed Yelm.
1486 Mother of Horses weds Golden Bow, Noonlight born. Pentans retreat.
1503 Pentans storm Oraya.
1505 Lunar Provincial army destroyed in Jarst.
1506 Nights of Horror - nearly everyone destroyed! New traditions started.
        Boshan cleared of "Two headed monster", possibly Pentans by Imolo
Wen.(not sure on a date, 150 years after they appeared. speculate 1352?)

I think a Sunspear type spell would have been used for the Skyburn. I do not
know where the nomads would have got it from. Certainly Sheng seems powerful
enough to wield a 'blast from the sky' type magic.

Keith N


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