History of the Pure Horse People

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 05:05:24 EEST

Terra Incognita:

>Summarize timeline of pure horse people(please correct)

>1:Henjarl of Dara Happa/attack of dijigelm to Genert Garden

If you are referring to the travels of Gore and Gash in Uz Lore
then the Trolls actually attacked Yuthuppa where the GRAY reports
they were driven off by Starlight over the City. Thereafter they
stayed away from Dara Happa.

But the Horse Riders (including the ancestors of the Grazers) were
still living in Pent at this time.

>2:Jenalong Dynasty/domain of Lendarsh to Pelanda

Which did not involve the ancestors of the Grazers.

>3:exile to Pentan waste

Pentan Horse nomads come from Pent. They were living there
before the Trolls came and have expanded into Peloria.

>6:Arrowsmith Dynasty of Pavis
>7:Sheng Seleris
>8:Dragonpass Grazelander/Char Un

The Grazers and the CharUn came before Sheng Seleris. Also the
CharUn are not Pure Horse People but traditionalists at best
(and I'm not sure if they always were).

David Dunham:

>The Pure Horse People of the Grazelands apparently descend from the

It's next to impossible for them to be so. The Grazers are descended
from a tribe from Pent that was beaten up during Kastok's revolt
in the Imperial Age while the Hyalorings are a tribe that was
settled in South Peloria during the Storm Age (I think Manarlavus
gave them the land for their aid in overthrowing the previous
Rinliddi dynasty) that subsequently inermingled with the local
Orlanthi (ie Beren the Rider who married Redayle Vingkotsdotter).

In circumstances that are not entirely clear, an offshoot of the
Hyalorings did split off and call themselves the Pure Horse Tribe.
I don't know whether they had always maintained their purity
despite their brethern not doing so or that a prophet appeared to
them in the Dawn urging them to repent (I favor the latter).

These Pure Horse Tribe did conquer Darjiin and Vuranostum became
Emperor. However his sons were all slain by Emperor Vettebbe and
Darjiin itself was conquered by Emperor Kestinodos. Furthermore
it seems they lapsed in the end and returned to being ordinary
Hyalorings for at the terminus of their migration, they become the
New Hyalorings. So the odds on the first age Pure Horse Tribe
from Saird being the ancestors of the Pure Horse Tribe that the
EWF hired are very low.

>Note that Vuranostum (or Vuranoste in his own language,
>in my opinion) was "buried" on a platform [GRoY.40], just like
>Saraskos the son of the Feathered Horse Queen [KoS.44].

Similar customs, I suppose.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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