SorEel's Career

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Nick Brooke:

>BTW, a historic trivia question: who was the commanding Lunar general at the
>Battle of Moonbroth? I can't see any case for Sor-Eel *not* taking this

I've always assumed that this was SorEel when he was made governer
in 1610.

>Fazzur is said to have been second-in-command when the Lunar Army
>invaded Prax ("He had proposed the invasion plan which worked so easily,
>but became embroiled in an argument about how to handle the occupied
>city" -- WF#12 p.17).

I wonder what this arguement was. There was a major surprise when
the Lunars had a conflict with the Yelmalio ruling family.

>I'm guessing that between 1607 (March on the Paps) and 1610 (Invasion of
>Prax), the Glorious Sor-Eel overtook the Provincial Fazzur in the army
>seniority stakes.

I dunno what SorEel did before 1607 but I don't think he was junior
to Fazzur. I think he's a protege of Euglyptus instead, (Genertela
Book, p40 "He was loyal to the previous General of the Army, who died
of incomptence and wholeheartedly transferred loyalty to Fazzur, an
old friend". Certainly SorEel considered his second-in-command to be
a right pain in the arse and I find it difficult to see how he could
attempt to describe him as an "old friend" without being a sycophant.

>The Battle of Moonbroth was executed to Fazzur's strategy
>but under Sor-Eel's command; their subsequent falling-out at Pavis (and
>Fazzur's demotion to impatient militia-training in Tarsh) was perhaps a
>cunning and underhanded political ploy by Sor-Eel.

I think it was more of a genuine dispute about what to do that blew up
into a raging arguement rather than a cunning political ploy. Both
Fazzur and SorEel would call upon higher ups for support. SorEel could
naturally call upon Euglyptus as they are both Heartlanders while
Fazzur attempts to muster King Moirades in support. I say "attempts"
because in 1610, Moirades goes mad and is unable to help. So Euglyptus
sacks Fazzur and makes SorEel, Count of Prax.


>Note it says of the occupation forces in the Pavis "Common Knowledge" Book
>that "the original invading army was much larger than the present
>remainder... the area has been so peaceful of late that it seems likely
>that [some of the remaining] troops will be sent home, if and when the army
>command remembers they are here." I don't think this is bureaucratic
>incompetance, but rather Fazzur deliberately, officially 'forgetting' his
>former commander.

However SorEel does get some major support in the Cradle adventure of
1621, indicating that he's back in favour, not necessarily with Fazzur

- --Peter Metcalfe


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