Nick's Sor-Eel/Fazzur idea

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Date: Wed 25 Aug 1999 - 04:31:51 EEST

G'day all,

Sor-Eel/Fazzur idea

Pam wrote:

>MOB's Sor-Eel/Fazzur idea
>MOB - (and Nick)
>Thanks for your ideas on Sor-Eel's rivalry with Fazzur, and his backwater
>victory. I will adpot it into the background of my Pavis game - which is
>eagerly awaiting the new Big Rubble reprint from the Tales crowd. Hurrah!
>Great idea.

Pam called it "MOB's Sor-Eel/Fazzur idea", but it is really Nick's - I just
agreed and added some local colour. Glad you like it though! I'm looking
forward to seeing the new reprint book too - it's a great concept.

Pol Joni Carts

>Wagons require wood which there is damned little of in Prax.

>>There also isn't a lot of wood in Mongolia , yet the Mongols traveled in

>There's _less_ wood in Prax than there is Mongolia.

A friend of mine grew up in Inner Mongolia, and the first time she ever saw
a forest was when I went camping with her in the Victoria bush.

However, I don't think either place has a local source of wood for carts,
wheels, pikes, spears etc. I don't know if the Pol Joni do indeed use

carts, but I don't see this as an argument against it.

>>And while there may be a shortage of wood in Prax, they are
>>perfectly able to go into the surrounding areas where wood isn't so

>But those woods are occupied by other people.

Which might lead to expeditions, raiding, trading, treaties, and all sorts
of social intercourse between the cultures.

I've already noted how the Sun Domers make perilous expeditions to the
Leaping Place Lake to get their wood (and am indeed thinking of making this
into a MGF adventure for Convulsion next year!). And Keith N. noted in the

last Digest that the Agimori obviously get the wood for their weapons from
somewhere too. Surely Peter, history is all about people from one place
needing/coveting/desiring stuff from another place, and then using fair
means or foul to get it.




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