Wood 'n' Wagons

From: Nick Brooke (Nick_Brooke@btinternet.com)
Date: Wed 25 Aug 1999 - 11:12:48 EEST

Keith and Peter continue:

>> While there may be a shortage of wood in Prax, [the Pol Joni] are
>> perfectly able to go into the surrounding areas where wood isn't so
>> rare.

> But those woods are occupied by other people.

Who are for the most part the Sartarite *allies* of the Pol Joni, and well
able to provide them with wood.

>> As Pentan types, they would want to use carts.

> I think it's certain that the Pol Joni are Orlanthi types, not
> Pentans. And I don't think the Grazers use carts either.

Yes, but the Orlanthi do (cf. Storm Voice ritual requirements). I agree that
carts aren't distinctly Pentan; since Peter doesn't think the Pol Joni are
either, this has little to do with the argument before us.

I think *some* Pol Joni can use wagons. Maybe the Amber Clans, etc. don't?
They are hardly homogenous...

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