Joraz Kyrem and the Pure Zebra People

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Date: Wed 25 Aug 1999 - 11:12:28 EEST

Peter replies to me:

>> (P&BR p.61 refers to Joraz Kyrem's mercenaries, not to the
>> Pure Horse People who arrived at Necklace Horse in the 620s).

> When Pavis was in Dragon Pass, he met Joraz Kyrem "Khan of the Pure
> Horse People, who was anxious to re-establish his family in Prax"
> (P&BR p56) and the Horses used in the breeding were "mares and
> stallions with shining golden eyes" (P&BR p61). The Pure Horse
> People had apparently fled Prax after Paragua trashed Robcradle.
> So to label Joraz's folk mercenaries and to deny that they were pure
> horse people is a bit much.

But the Pure Horse People, who arrived in Prax c.620 ST, somehow survived
the two and a half centuries prior to Joraz Kyrem's return without
zebrafying their steeds. This casts doubt on your apparent assertion that

horses can only survive in Prax by cross-breeding with zebras.

I agree that this is the only way they have in the past become not-horses
acceptable to Eiritha ("in bondage, broken from kin"). I submit that there
is no evidence that the vast majority of the Pure Horse Tribe became zebra
riders in the 870s, nor that there is evidence that the historic Pure Horse
Tribe or modern Cattle Bastards of Prax ride "non-horses acceptable to
Eiritha." Their particular mistreatment is because they ride horses. The

Zebra Riders of the Pavis Royal Guard are not prejudiced against in this
way, because a horse is not a zebra.

I agree that Joraz Kyrem's folk were not mercenaries, but Joraz Kyrem did of
course hire mercenaries (fighting for land) when in Dragon Pass -- the Sun
Dome Templars under Arinsor explicitly, and perhaps the horse folk
reinforcements who became Zebra Riders too. I think you'd have a hard job

selling a zebra as a "pure horse" of any kind -- granted Joraz' kin were PHP
before the crossbreeding, they certainly weren't afterwards. And they
weren't *all* the PHP, either.

Finally, I do not think there is any evidence that the Grazelanders,
descended from the Second Age Pure Horse People of Prax, and expelled almost
four centuries *after* Joraz Kyrem's pioneering experiments, ride Zebras.
This suggests that the Pure Zebra People are a figment, not a fact.

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