Agimori go into the woods

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Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 03:04:31 EEST

G'day all,
Agimori go into the woods

Peter sez, of Agimori access to wood:

>On the contrary, _vonsay_ (spearshaft) trees grow on the plains
>of Jolar (ML p68) and there are pine forests in Taluk Mormadak.
>Plus the Kresh always have more wood than they need.

Sorry, I wasn't actually thinking of *Pamaltelan* Agimori; rather, their
Praxian cousins, who share the same treeless region as the Pol Joni (who
are, after all, the focus of this debate, aren't they?)

It is possible I suppose the Agimori brought *vonsay* seeds with them to
Prax from their homeland long ago; if so, I suspect the vonsay trees'
existence remains a great tribal secret, and a source of wonder to everyone
just where the Agimori get their wood from, deep in the desert. Not a bad
idea that, and resonant with scenario possibilities...

However, you argued that the Pol Joni couldn't possibly get wood from the
surrounding forests, yet cite the pine forests of the Taluk Mormadak as a
source for the Pamaltelan Agimori! If one lot can get it, why not the other?


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