Agimori Pikes in Prax

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Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 00:36:56 EEST

MOB>>> [Sun Dome Pikes] certainly don't come from the local [Praxian]
>>> environment either!

Keith>> Likewise again, the Agimori.

Peter> On the contrary, _vonsay_ (spearshaft) trees grow on the plains
> of Jolar (ML p68) and there are pine forests in Taluk Mormadak. Plus
> the Kresh always have more wood than they need.

And the relevance of this doubtless learned Pamaltelan observation to the
*Praxian* situations currently under discussion is...?

Left to myself, I would assume Keith referred to the Praxian Agimori, and
their need for pikestaffs. Perhaps I have missed some nuance of the
Keith/Peter discussions. But I doubt it.

I think Peter's erudition is here being used as a smokescreen. There are
other Prax-dwellers who necessarily use wood, with worse links to the
outside world than a formal and lasting alliance to kinsfolk in well-wooded
neighbouring lands. If some Pol Joni had been seen to use wagons, it would
not be a mind-boggling development. And Keith has made a good
(game-fun-related) case for some Pol Joni to use wagons.

>> 1372 Sheng's commanders plunder Teshnos, Ignorance, Greater Prax.

> Still haven't quit sussed what this "Greater Prax" refers to.
> I doubt that the Selerans can take over the whole of the Waste-
> lands but they certainly didn't take over Prax at this time.

You needn't take over a place to plunder it -- smash'n'grab works just fine.
But I think the term is lazy shorthand for "Pentan incursions into the
(hitherto Praxian) Wastes," rather than anything grander.

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