Re : Combining Magical Practices

Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 13:15:17 EEST

Philip Hibbs :

>>The Orlanth cult teaches only selected spirit magic
>>to it's worshipers, but there's nothing to stop them
>>learning almost any other spirit magic from a shaman
>>or from a friendly cult.

>If it's an Orlanthi shaman, such as a Kolating, then that's acceptable. If
>it isn't, then the Orlanthi is (IMO) either going to be ostracised for
>heresy, or pressured to give up the magical secrets of these foreigners
>whose magic he has stolen, so that it can be weakened or stolen in a
>heroquest. I have tightened up my opinions on sharing magic (ie. shamans
>teaching spells to all and sundry) over the last couple of years, and I
>believe it should be strongly discouraged.

If you were talking about an orlanthi learning godless sorcery then you
may have a point, but Orlanth sees himself as King of the Gods and seems
to have no compunctions about nicking other people's magic, such as the
Sandals of Darkness.

Remember also that Issaries, that loyal companion and close buddy of
Orlanth, teaches Spell Trading. A perfectly legitimate way for an
Orlanthi to learn practicaly any moraly acceptable foreign rune magic.

I aree that teaching foreigners your magic is a serious step to take,
but it is not unheard of. It might cause some problems, too. Troll hating
sartarites are likely to take a very dim view of people going around
casting darkwall and sumoning shades, for example.

Simon Hibbs


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