Re: Greater Prax

Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 23:15:18 EEST

<< 1372 Sheng's commanders plunder Teshnos, Ignorance, Greater Prax.

 -Peter Metcalfe
 Still haven't quit sussed what this "Greater Prax" refers to.
 I doubt that the Selerans can take over the whole of the
 Wastelands but they certainly didn't take over Prax at this
I think 'plundering somewhere' and 'taking over somewhere' are slightly
different. I would argue that no one could 'take over' a virtually empty
wasteland like Prax. I believe Greater Prax would be a term for the Wastes,
although I have no evidence for this, other than there is really nowhere else
it could be - the Prax of Nomad Gods has, I think, been refered to as Inner
Prax. Since Sheng's horde has included Bison and other animal nomads I see
no reason that he could have been he most powerful warlord in Greater Prax,
PEnt, Teshnos, Kralorela and Dara Happa all at the same time. It seems
difficult to plunder Teshnos without crossing either big mountains, elf
jungle or the Wastes, so presumably the sub-Hordes past through the wastes
(at least) plundering as they went.

Keith N


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