Pure Horse History

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Bob Stancliff writes:

> My memory is slipping... what is P&BR.

Your memory is fine: it's the very recent reissue of "Pavis & Big Rubble",
available from Moon Design (cf. Digests past), the Reaching Moon Megacorp,
and Wizard's Attic.

> The Pure Horse People were Pentan outcasts because they refused to
> start herding cattle. They were invited to inhabit the Good Place
> as a buffer between Prax and Dragon Pass. (620s)


> They did OK for a while but the constant raids wore them down so
> most of them moved to the Grazelands to raise their Goldeneyes and
> other horses.

What source are you using? I think you have confused the events after Alavan
Argary (when the Pure Horse Tribe were driven out of Prax, 1250 ST) by
setting them somewhere between 620 and 870 ST. There is no evidence IIRC of
Pure Horse People settling what are now the Grazelands of Dragon Pass prior
to the Dragonkill War.

> When Pavis met Joraz during the EWF, there were no horses in Prax.

This sounds confused. Joraz's branch of the Pure Horse People were living in
Dragon Pass, true. How you generalise from this to say "there were no horses
in Prax" defeats me. If we admit that there were Horse Tribes (and not just
Zebra Tribes) in Prax in 1250 ST (for the Battle of Alavan Argary, cf. P&BR
timeline p.54, text p.60; RoC timeline p.6, text p.14; KoS p.193), then
logically not all the Pure Horse People had become Zebra People after 870.

Since we don't *know* that there were no horses in Prax in the ninth
century, the simplest solution is to assume that the Horse Tribe presence
which began in the seventh century remained a more or less constant
irritation to the Praxians until the thirteenth. At times, the Horse People
were dominant on the Plaines (as the Sables, Bison, Rhino, Morokanth, Impala
and High Llama have all been, from time to time); but following Alavan
Argary, they were entirely absent until Derik Pol-Joni's advent.

> Joraz was a Grazelander.

No such thing for centuries.

> Pavis or Joraz proved that they could be bred with Zebra, so Pavis
> hired some of them as mercs in exchange for land in the new city.

That's putting the cart before the horse (remarkably topical, eh?). Joraz
brought his followers to the city as mercs before finding out that they
could get along with Praxian Eiritha if they cross-bred their horses with

> The Grazelanders existed during the Dragonkill, but were far enough
> away to be spared.

And your source for this surprising assertion is...?

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