Gloranthan Volunteers

From: Pete Newallis (
Date: Sat 28 Aug 1999 - 04:20:33 EEST

  I'm not sure, if this is the right place for this, but I don't just want
thoughts but other fans with their different geographic views. I visited
web site the other day. I had looked over recent "Gloranthan News". I
recalled something about volunteers and running demo games at cons. Today
while driving
home I gave that some thought.

   I was thinking some thoughts on my volunteering and things relating to the
proposed publication plan. First, with totally new rules that truly break with
the RQ system, there are few or no experts. I doubt there are any outside
those tied to Choasium's offices, some in England, maybe MOB and some
friends, Seattle and wherever Robin Laws lives.

  I live here in Kansas City. I'm as likely to be an expert as anyone who
buys the game when it is available (Leading to the question will it be
here or force me to turn to mail or Net order). KC has several gaming groups,
at least a half dozen game shops and a ton of book and comic stores that
also sell games. There are a dozen cons that are mostly gaming or partly
gaming within a few hours of KC during the year.

   Now, I'm a long time fan of Glorantha and have most (not all) of the RQ II,
RQ III and strictly Gloranthan material. But I have no current gaming group to
train. Most local cons are dominated by RPGA events with it's continuing
characters, rankings and prizes. So will there be some prizes, con-friendly
scenarios, promo materials (our cons have flyer tables). Another point, if I
go to a con and try to promote a new game, will dealers there have it. I HAVE
seen promo events at cons (sponsored by well stocked dealers which lead big
sales at the cons)

  Besides the cons. Efforts to talk local stores into carrying the games AND
supporting them, they will want promotional support too. Again, promo games
can be run at stores and club meetings. So who else is out there?. I guess I'm
just an observer as far as the GTA goes. Be nice to know who else near me
might be willing to help? Observation: GURPS doesn't seem to be a major played
game around here but GMs who run events at cons I've gone to say they help
support the con GMs. What are other people's experiences with support for a
new game?

   Lastly, if Chaosium is expecting volunteers to be a major force is
making early
sales and promotional efforts (Maybe I'm wrong from my reading of their
then they will need to let us in on some (not all) of their plans. Will
they sell
through a regional distributor (some stores only buy through them) The degree
of support to gamers or shops to spread the word. I'd really like new game
to succeed, I'll get it for me, but for me to talk it up, and make efforts
on it's behalf
I'll need some support.

   Pete Newallis



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