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From: Eric Rowe (
Date: Fri 27 Aug 1999 - 06:22:39 EEST

> I'm not sure, if this is the right place for this, but I don't just want
>thoughts but other fans with their different geographic views. I visited
>web site the other day. I had looked over recent "Gloranthan News". I
>recalled something about volunteers and running demo games at cons. Today
>while driving
>home I gave that some thought.

This is a fine place for this. However, please let me strenuously
emphasize that though Issaries still has the same mailing address
as Chaosium, Chaosium in no way has any control on anything
Issaries does. They are completely separate companies, who just
have employees that talk to each other a lot because they share
offices in the same warehouse.

Chaosium is also kind enough to allow their machine to service
several mailing lists for other game systems.

> I was thinking some thoughts on my volunteering and things relating to the
>proposed publication plan. First, with totally new rules that truly break with
>the RQ system, there are few or no experts. I doubt there are any outside
>thoseq tied to Choasium's offices, some in England, maybe MOB and some
>friends, Seattle and wherever Robin Laws lives.

I would agree with this. As is true of any new game.

> Besides the cons. Efforts to talk local stores into carrying the games AND
>supporting them, they will want promotional support too. Again, promo games
>can be run at stores and club meetings. So who else is out there?. I guess I'm
>just an observer as far as the GTA goes. Be nice to know who else near me
>might be willing to help? Observation: GURPS doesn't seem to be a major played
>game around here but GMs who run events at cons I've gone to say they help
>support the con GMs. What are other people's experiences with support for a
>new game?

All this will be done.

> Lastly, if Chaosium is expecting volunteers to be a major force is
>making early
>sales and promotional efforts (Maybe I'm wrong from my reading of their
>then they will need to let us in on some (not all) of their plans. Will
>they sell
>through a regional distributor (some stores only buy through them) The degree
>of support to gamers or shops to spread the word. I'd really like new game
>to succeed, I'll get it for me, but for me to talk it up, and make efforts
>on it's behalf
>I'll need some support.

There will be demo kits sent to stores and GTA members. There will
be coop programs with distributors. There will be convention
sponsorship. There will be everything that companies like SJG
and Chaosium already do. There will not be the higher level of
financial support a WotC or Games Workshop can throw at a game,
but that's just a basic reality.

If your local retailer doesn't know about Issaries and some of its
plans, then frankly they are not very good retailers. They didn't
go to GAMA, and are not reading their informational flyers sent to
them by GAMA and by their distributors.

Unfortunately, there are many poor retailers. That is why when
Hero Wars and Glorantha get closer to publication it will be up to
GTA members and friends to re-instruct the retailers that there
are kits available, demos available, promo material available, and
that there will be buyers and interest, as well as support for
local conventions and distributors. I expect Issaries will be
putting out more information on this once the initial books are
closer to going to press.


Eric Rowe
Wizard's Attic Publishing Services

ps And I just checked with Greg who is working on the next GTA
mailing covering some of this ground already.


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