Woody Wagons

From: MOB (mrmob@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Fri 27 Aug 1999 - 07:31:00 EEST

G'day all,

Woody Wagons

I was going to quote and requote various excerpts from the Pol
Joni/Carts/Mongolians/Woods/Agimori/Pikes/Pamaltela/Prax debate, but in the
end I just thought "fark it".

I think the original point has been largely lost: do the Pol Joni use
carts? Keith gave some MGF-ish reasons why it might be fun.

The general consensus (with the honourable exception of Peter) seems to be
that if the Pol Joni do actually use wagons, there are perfectly reasonable
explanations available for where they could get sufficient wood to build them.

So, if we can put to one side the "they ain't got enough wood" argument, we
can go back to the original proposition: do you think it a cool idea that
the Pol Joni use carts or wagons?




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