Pure Horse ____??

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Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 - 00:54:47 EEST

        I apologize for my glaring errors, but not everything I said was wrong.
(KoS 108) The Grazers were created after the Dragonkill and before the
return of men. The centaur Harfraftos struggled with Yu-kargzant and
La-ungariant for the secret of ending the pain of the centaur race created
by the EWF. He gave this secret to Ironhoof, who divided his followers
back into horses and men. They lived peacefully in Dragon Pass until the
return of men.
(KoS 110) As men returned, the Grazers struggled to retain their land, and
took many slaves called the vendref. The Grazers were often allied with
the Tarshites of Kerofin and the Earthshaker temple.
(KoS 111) This eventually led to the first Feathered Horse Queen.
(KoS 113) The first FHQueen was from the cult of La-ungariant and went
deep into the earth to return with earth powers.
(KoS 114) The new ways brought by the FHQ caused a rebellion, won by a
group called the Pure Horse People, who continued to raid into neighboring

(KoS 192) In the second age some Pentan tribes refused to herd cattle, and
called themselves the Pure Horse Tribes. In 740 the EWF hired the Golden
Horse Tribe to help conquer Prax.
The EWF provided magical assistence and
finally most of the Praxians were driven across the river. This is when
Pavis took and built his city.

(KoS 193) Two hundred years later, the Praxians joined under Jaldon
Toothmaker to attack Pavis, defeat the Pure Horse Tribe and ally them to
raid into Dragon Pass. The Pure Horse Tribe were weakened when the Uz
took the Rubble, and the other nomads started driving them back. In 1250
the Battle of Alavan Argay crushed the Pure Horse Tribe. The captives
were placed under the Black Net to decide their fate, and in the morning,
half of them were gone, and only the aged remained. This was the end of
the horse nomads in Prax.

        Appearently Joraz Kyrem made his deal with Dorasor to help with the
retaking of Pavis and the building of the new city. This is the creation
of the new Zebra tribe. Since zebras were one of Eiritha's children,
there were probably zebra riders before this, but they were a minor tribe
like the lizards or the rhinos.
        To add to the confusions... two goldeneye horses were given by the
Grazers to Argrath at his wedding.

Bob Stancliff


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