Wood & Wagons

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Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 - 04:29:32 EEST

G'day all,

Well, I know I did say "fark it", but now I say "fark it" to my "fark it"...

Peter, on the idea that maybe the Praxian Agimori brought vonsay seeds with
them from their homeland:
 >>Unfortunately the Men-and-a-half have to have some magic of
 >>quickening the Vonsay shafts overnight so that it remains a big secret.
 >>However the only Agimori who have such magics are the Kresh and they are
 >>secret Aldrya worshippers - which I don't think the Men-and-a-half are.

I don't think they are either, however this doesn't necessarily have to
irrevocably stonker the idea. Prax and the Wastes is a big, big space.
I'm sure there are some areas the (mounted) nomads don't often go or even
avoid, places where the Agimori could hide secret stands of these trees.
Perhaps vonsay is difficult to work unless you know special techniques, so
even if the nomads do find one of these carefully concealed spots the wood
may only be useful as kindling. Sure, they might not be able to grow them
overnight (though doubtless they'll wistfully recount in legends of their
lost homeland that the trees there do!), but they can still grow them.

Peter, on the Pamaltelan Agimori access to wood:
 >>On the contrary, _vonsay_ (spearshaft) trees grow on the plains
 >>of Jolar (ML p68) and there are pine forests in Taluk Mormadak.

There *were* pine forests in Taluk Mormadak. It may say different in
"Missing Lands" (can I have my copy back please, Mr Bean?); in Tales #11,
it states that TM was covered in pine forests back in the First Age but is
now dotted with huge termite mounds, some of which have been carved into
thrones for Doraddi Chieftains (yikes, you probably wouldn't want to sit
down in one for long!). I suggest these pines are unlikely to be a source

for wood in the current period then.

& Wagons

Nick said, quite sensibly IMO:
>>>There are other Prax-dwellers who necessarily use wood, with worse
>>>links to the outside world than a formal and lasting alliance to
>>>kinsfolk in well-wooded neighbouring lands.

Peter counters:
>>Think of the amount of wood it takes to build a spear. Contrast
>>that with the amount of wood it takes to build a cart.

Good reason to make a "formal and lasting alliance to kinsfolk" who live in
a place with wood to spare, yes?

>>Most of the Sedentary People in Prax use stone for building

But the Pol Joni are not sedentary, so surely this is irrelevant.

>>Hence I simply do not believe that the Pol Joni have
>>many carts.

I'm not sure either, it's just I find the arguments you've presented
*against* the notion unconvincing.

>>Secondly your much-vaunted alliance has been defunct for nigh on
>>twenty years and has little relevance to the Pol Joni today as
>>does the Soviet Union to today's Middle East.

Tough on the Pol Joni, but for dramatic/gaming purposes, it would be great
if the alliance is foundering! I hear the compassionate Lunars have
expressed a willingness to help out the Pol Joni, but only if they'll let a
band of missionaries join their wagon train...




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