Joraz, Pavis etc

Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 - 21:49:43 EEST

<< Exposure to mysteries of both the EWF and the God Learners
 would have slightly unhinged Joraz. But I think he could have sold
 the changes to any conservatives in his tribe as part of "obscure
 prophecies" with the Priestess of Zebra-Eiritha being the alleged
 Horse Queen.

In case anyone has any other ideas on the subject, I am currently thinking
about wrting a Freeform set in the Paps during interesting year of 831 where
all this stuff was sorted out; Pavis made his treaties, Joraz got his zebras,
Varajiia Nopor was around, etc etc. I've got a few notes on plots and other
stuff, a lot of which would obviously be secret, but hopefully the 'real'
story of what 'actually' happened could be played out.

Keith N


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