Re: Chaos Cleanser

Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 - 21:49:39 EEST

Manu writes:
<< Do they have to make some Heros Quest do =
 clean it? Is there myths of some gods cleaning a Chaos land that I could =
 use to make a Quest?

I think Waha tried to clear up the remains of the Devil crushed beneath the
Block - he dug a canal and created a marsh full of chaos monsters. Whether
this is viewed as successful or not depends on your POV. The whole of Prax
was pretty chewed up by chaos which destroyed a lot of it's fertility. This
hasn't been cleaned up so much as lived with. Come to think of it I cannot
reall ythink of anywhere where chaos has been successfully cleaned up. If it
got turned into a chaos pit then it has stayed that way. There is Festering
Island (from Griffin Mountain), which is a similar scenario to what you seem
to be after, and I guess the Troubled Waters scenario in RoC is also dealing
with a source of Chaos.

Keith N


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