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Bob wrote:

> Apparently Joraz Kyrem made his deal with Dorasor to help with the
> retaking of Pavis and the building of the new city. This is the creation
> of the new Zebra tribe. Since zebras were one of Eiritha's children,
> there were probably zebra riders before this, but they were a minor tribe
> like the lizards or the rhinos.

Nicely argued, but we already have a canonical refutation.

P&BR p.61: [Before Joraz Kyrem], "zebras had served as game for most of the
tribes in Prax and the Wastes. The species was small, between impala and
sable-sized, and incapable of carrying normal-sized riders. The pygmy humans
all rode impalas and other minor survivors, like the bolo lizards. The
zebras drew no human proectors in the lottery of survival during the
darkness ages, relegating them to minor status."

MOB mentioned:

> ...huge termite mounds, some of which have been carved into thrones for
> Doraddi Chieftains (yikes, you probably wouldn't want to sit down in one
> for long!).

Perhaps that's the point? It would certainly fit in with Doraddi attitudes
to leadership in general; cf. "Mr Man Speaks" for more. "Uneasy sits the bum
that rides a throne..."

Petteri wrote:

> I have a hard time understanding how the Aeolians get along with the
> "true" Orlanth people who live also in Heortland.

Tolerantly. To the Aeolians, these "backward" Orlanthi are not seen as evil
pagans, more as unfortunately ignorant but nonetheless *wonderfully*
enthusiastic compatriots. Their religious difference (inferiority) is minor
compared to their true patriotism. In fact, under the occupation by Sir
Richard's Rokari crusaders, disenfranchised Aeolian clergy are getting more
help from back-woods die-hard Orlanthi and Uroxi (and the like) than from
their urbanised compatriots.

The stress is less, IMO, than that between Saxons and Normans in Sir Walter
Scott's semi-historical novel "Ivanhoe". The two cultures (actually, more
like one culture in two different stages of evolution) happily coexist.
Aeolians have more in common with the old-fashioned Orlanthi than the
English have with the Scots or the Welsh, perhaps -- same language, even,
albeit different literary script -- but they're still all one Kingdom.

(I can't stand those Jutes, though...).

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